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How to fix College Football? Jul, 11 2023

Addressing the Recruitment Disparity

One of the biggest issues in college football today is the disparity in recruitment. The same top-tier schools seem to attract the best talent year after year, leaving the smaller schools to fight over the scraps. This makes it nearly impossible for lesser-known schools to compete at the highest level.
The solution? An overhaul of the recruitment system. This could involve stricter rules on recruitment to level the playing field and give every school a fair shot at securing top talent. For example, we could limit the amount of money that schools can spend on recruitment, or we could introduce a draft system similar to that of the NFL. This would ensure that the talent is spread more evenly across all schools and not just concentrated at the top.

Improving Player Safety

Player safety is another major concern in college football. Too many young players are suffering serious injuries on the field, some of which can have lifelong consequences. The need for better equipment and stricter rules on dangerous play is evident.
The NCAA should invest more in research and development of safer equipment. They should also implement stricter penalties for dangerous play to deter players from making risky moves that could injure themselves or others. The health and safety of our young athletes should always be a top priority.

Implementing a Playoff System

Another way to fix college football is to implement a playoff system. Currently, the selection of teams for the College Football Playoff is subjective and often controversial. A more objective, merit-based system could eliminate the controversy and ensure that the best teams get a shot at the title.
This could be done by expanding the playoff to include more teams and using a set of clear, objective criteria to determine which teams qualify. This would make the championship race more exciting and fair.

Addressing The Pay for Play Debate

One of the most contentious issues in college football today is the pay for play debate. Many argue that college athletes generate billions of dollars for their schools and the NCAA, yet they see none of that money. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.
One potential solution is to allow athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness. This would allow athletes to earn money from endorsements and other commercial opportunities without directly paying them a salary. This could go a long way in addressing the financial imbalance in college football.

Promoting Academic Success

Finally, we need to remember that college football players are also students. The pressure to perform on the field can often lead to neglect in the classroom. We need to find a way to promote academic success without compromising athletic performance.
This could involve offering more academic support for athletes, like tutoring and study halls. It could also involve implementing stricter academic eligibility requirements to ensure that athletes are keeping up with their studies. After all, these young men are more than just athletes – they are students first and foremost.